Dangers of Tooth Erosion

Dangers of Tooth ErosionThere are many different dental problems that a person may face. Some may involve the teeth while others will involve the soft tissues and other parts of the mouth. Whatever the case may be, rest assured that our team of dental care specialists will be here for you and your needs, providing expert care. One particularly important dental health topic we have been addressing more and more at our Long Island cosmetic dentistry center is tooth erosion. We’d like to take a moment to go over the basics regarding this dental health issue and what it means to patients.

What is tooth erosion?

Also known as acid erosion, tooth erosion refers to the gradual degradation of a tooth’s appearance and structure caused by acidic substances and an acidic pH in the mouth. If untreated, tooth erosion can cause teeth to become brittle and weak. This will increase chances of fractures and breakage in tooth structure in addition to causing discoloration, jaggedness, and other aesthetic problems.

How is tooth erosion different from tooth decay?

Our dental care team in Malverne gets asked this question quite a bit, actually. In short, tooth decay is caused by bacteria and plaque eating into the tooth structure whereas tooth erosion is caused by acidity in the mouth.

Substances That Cause of Tooth Erosion

There are many different foods and beverages that can increase the acidity of the mouth. Some of these include:

  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Cola
  • Citrus juices
  • Apples
  • Apple juice
  • Vinegar
  • Soy sauce

In addition, bile and gastric fluids can cause acid erosion to occur. This is why people who suffer from bulimia often have issues with dental health.

Treatments for Tooth Erosion

When treating tooth erosion, it’s imperative that we address the tooth damage first before addressing any aesthetic issues related to your smile. In such cases, we will restore tooth strength and integrity using various restorative procedures. Inlays, onlays, and Long Island dental crowns are all commonly used depending on the degree of erosion a patient experiences.

In cases where the acid erosion is so severe that the tooth cannot be saved, extraction and replacement of the tooth will be required. While dentures and dental bridges can be used to replace the missing teeth, another option to consider is dental implants. These artificial tooth roots will be able to support an individual dental crown, a denture, or a dental bridge.

Prevention and Good Dental Care is Key

In order to prevent the need for a mouth reconstruction and smile makeover, it’s important that you practice good dental health. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss every night. Be sure to drink a lot of water as well, since this will help reduce the acidity in your mouth. When eating or drinking any of the above acidic substances we listed, having a glass of water can be very helpful.

Learn More About Your Options for Effective Dental Care

For more information about acid erosion and the various dental care treatments out there to address it, do not hesitate to contact our Malverne cosmetic dentistry center today. During your visit, we will go over all of your options and help you make the best possible decision about your dental health.

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