Treatment for Bad Breath

Long Island Bad BreathDo You Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath can be unpleasant for a number of reasons. First, bad breath can make a person feel insecure and lack confidence in their smile or laugh. Bad breath can also be uncomfortable for the people around you. Bad breath is also a sign that one’s dental health needs minor to significant improvement.

Anyone suffering from bad breath need not worry. Help is out there! Half the battle is recognizing the issue of bad breath in the first place. Whether you were aware of the problem, or your loved one came right out and told you the hard truth you were in blissful denial over, an understanding and experienced dentist is ready to help you bid bad breath good-bye for good!

Treatment for Bad Breath

Bad-breath victims rejoice! A Long Island cosmetic dentist at Smiles on Broadway Dental Care can effectively treat bad breath in patients. There is more good news! Many times, bad breath can be treated and prevented right at home.

  • Brush the teeth and tongue at least twice a day
  • Treat an underlying dental or medical issue
  • Use antiseptic mouth wash
  • Floss once a day (bleeding during this exercise is a sign of bad breath; the more you floss, the sooner you will stop bleeding and be free of bad breath)
  • Undergo regular dental cleanings to eliminate and prevent bad breath

If the source behind breath needs a restorative dentistry treatment, your trusted dentist will diagnose and treat the problem in the comfort and convenience of our Long Island practice.

Bad Breath Causes

The first step in prevention is knowledge, so Dr. Salem has compiled a list of reasons that can easily be the culprits behind bad breath. Patients need to be familiar with not only the treatment, but the causes of bad breath. Common causes include:

  • A buildup of bacteria
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Pieces of food left in the mouth
  • Less than clean dentures
  • Foods and beverages consumed
  • Medications taken
  • An underlying dental problem
  • An underlying medical problem
  • Infrequent dental cleanings

Schedule a Checkup

Perhaps what’s ailing your smile is not bad breath, but a more serious problem like extensive decay. As noted above, underlying dental problems like tooth decay or gum disease can be the cause of bad breath. For our patients on Long Island, dental crowns or dental fillings may be just the solution for your smile. To determine the best course of action and preventive measures for your smile, please schedule regular cleanings and dental checkups at our New York dental practice.

Learn More about Fighting Bad Breath

Please contact the skilled dentist at Smiles of Broadway Dental Care to ward off bad breath immediately! Dr. Salem is more than happy to treat the smiles of patients in Long Island, including those in the communities of Malverne, Lynbrook, West Hempstead, Garden City, Rockville Center and surrounding areas.

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