Our Schedule Is Flexible Because Yours May Not Be

We understand how busy you are today.  The demands of work, shuttling kids around and getting things done in the house leaves most of you without time to catch a breath.  We also understand the importance of quality time with your family.  Who wants to spend valuable time in a dental chair?

Hopefully, you realize that strong teeth, healthy gums and a vibrant smile are necessities of life.  But that still doesn’t make it any easier to find time to go to the dentist.  That’s ONE of the reasons why everyone is talking about Smiles on Broadway, in Malverne.  We make our schedule flexible because yours may not be.  We have evening and Saturday hours, but many dental practices do that.  We know how difficult it is to leave work or go in late, so we are also willing to come in at the crack of dawn so you can have your treatment done even before you catch your morning train to the office.  We do this so that you are able to complete your dental care without disrupting the rest of your life. 

We respect your time by being punctual.  When busy individuals have a significant amount of treatment to be done, we also offer oral sedation so that all of the care can be rendered in just one totally comfortable appointment, eliminating the need to return to the office multiple times to complete treatment.

To find out more about how we make treatment convenient give us a call at 516-599-0883.

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