Mouth Guards Prevent Sports Concussions!

Soccer is the sport that results in the largest number of mouth injuries to children on Long Island.  Basketball is second.  This may be surprising to many, but that is because children who play Football, Lacrosse and Hockey are required to wear mouth guards.  Most injuries to the mouth would be prevented if children wore mouth guards for all sports that they participate in.

Dr. Steven Katz,  of Smiles On Broadway in Malverne, is an expert on this topic.  Dr. Katz spent many years as the Team Dentist for the New York Jets Football Team.  He has years of experience in treating traumatic injuries to the mouth, but more importantly, he has experience in preventing these injuries.  Just as important as preventing mouth injuries is the fact that mouth guards also prevent concussions.

Our practice believes that it is our mission to insure that our patients are protected against these injuries.  If you or your children are patients of our practice, we will make, at no charge, Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards, which provide the highest degree of protection.  Many people are familiar with the “boil & bite” mouth guards that you can purchase in sporting goods stores.  Our experience is that they do not provide nearly the same degree of protection as a custom-fitted one.  This is the only type we provide.

If you have any questions about Mouth Guards, Traumatic Mouth Injuries or Concussions, please give us a call at 516-599-0883.

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