Benefits of having cosmetic Dentistry

There are Amazing Benefits of having Cosmetic Dentistry performed at Smiles On Broadway on Long Island. Cosmetic Dentistry far exceeds just Smile Enhancement and a beautiful Smile Makeover. Smiles On Broadway was recently voted the Best Dental Practice on Long Island by the Long Island Press.

While Cosmetic Dentistry improves the appearance of our patients’ teeth, it can have an even greater effect on the lives of our patients. Here are some true success stories from highly satisfied patients who were able to find that our administrative team led by Mercedes, Ashley and Anne are always prepared to give our patients the best service they will ever receive in a professional office.
In almost any situation your eyes and smile are the two features that you have that others will note first. New acquaintances focus on eyes and teeth because there is a strong social stigma attached if these are not maintained to the fullest. There’s something to be said about the mouth because it becomes the source of happiness for everyone involved whenever some thing good happens in your life.

At Smiles On Broadway, the General, Sedation, Implant and Holistic Dental Practice of Dr. Steven Katz, located in Malverne and near Lynbook, Valley Stream, Rockville Centre, Merrick and the Five Towns, Dr. Katz has a keen eye focused on the your cosmetic concerns and they are able to correct every problem using only the best techniques, materials and technology.
While you may present with very personal concerns, our doctor has trained and has astute artistic eyes to guide the result of any necessary cosmetic treatment of your teeth
So let’s hear how some of our patients have shown improvements in their lives after having cosmetic dentistry done at Smiles On Broadway in Malverne, on Long Island:

1. Patient # 1, MARY, was somewhat shy and reserved. She dressed very conservatively. It was determined that the best solution for her badly tetracycline stained teeth were porcelain veneers…6 on top and 6 on bottom. The veneers changed her life. She started dressing in a much more trendy fashion. She now wore dresses with the neck open a bit and hemmed above her knees and she had obviously made an effort to look more sexy, , but more important, she felt she looked great and had overcome some degree of personal embarrassment

2. Patient #2, Elizabeth was a divorced mother of four. Life as she knew it had stopped when her husband left and left her alone with 4 school age children. She rarely came to the dentist, but when she did, she was always complaining about something. “The room’s too cold”, “I only have an hour but I want to get everything done”, “I want my teeth whiter”, “Is there enough time to do everything I need so I don’t have to come back?” “I can’t stand when my children make fun of my dark and missing teeth. It makes me feel older, it lowers my self-esteem and it make me feel like a I live in a trailer park.” We replaced her missing teeth with implants, very simply, and while they were healing constructed a series of cosmetic crowns for her front teeth. She tells everyone that her experience in our office changed her life. She has now begun dating again and her children paraphrase a recent song singing, ”Our Mom has got it going on”. In addition she was able to stop smoking from the counseling in our office from our hygienist, Francine, and she lost almost 30 pounds, She looks amazing. She feels great about herself and everyone around her is getting a better version of her and it all started with her teeth.

We’ll include more real cases from our office in our next blog about Cosmetic Dentistry at Smiles On Broadway in Malverne on the south shore of Long Island in Nassau County.

Respectfully submitted.
Steven M. Katz, DMD

Steven M Katz, DMD, MAGD
Smiles On Broadway Dental Care
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