$199 Whitening Special!

Teeth Whitening has been a big topic in the office over the past month and a half. Many patient want to start the new year off with a healthy lifestyle and oral care is no different.  Many patients have been interested in our in-office whitening sessions with Tina and Francine and have had great results during their sessions! Many times, patient ask beforehand about how white their teeth will be after their whitening session and each time Fran and Tina say the same thing. Whitening results depend on many factors including tooth structure, personal habits, physical health & oral hygiene.  

In order to get the best possible results, maintain great oral care with periodontal cleanings and exams every six months as well as cut out stain causing foods and drinks. One of the most common tips that Tina and Francine give patients is to have a periodontal cleaning and to restore any teeth with decay before the whitening session.

Now for a limited time, we are offering an incredible $199 whitening special for our in-office whitening session (excludes custom trays).

Interested in more information about our in-office whitening? Call our office and/or schedule a consult with Tina or Fran today!

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