Use It or Lose It!

You would never think of taking your hard-earned money and tossing it out the window, but that’s what you would be doing if you didn’t make full use of your dental benefits and/or flexible spending and HSA accounts.  Most benefits are based on a calendar year (January to December), and if the dollar amount of coverage allowed each year is not used, you lose those benefits as of December 31.  You could be throwing away several hundred to several thousand dollars in benefits that were either paid by you directly or through salary deductions.  With the rising costs of insurance, you may not have comparable benefits in the future.

Although our recommended treatment is never dictated by insurance policy limitations, our experience has shown that benefits often can be maximized by careful planning.  We often can plan necessary treatment to takefull advantage of your insurance coverage.  We do not want you to be among those who lose valuable dental benefits.

This year is rapidly coming to an end.  With the holidays coming, preferred appointment times are filling up quickly and we don’t want you to be left out!

Call us today to reserve your next visit and see how we can maximize your benefits.

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