Modern Cosmetic Dentistry – It’s For More Than Just Brightening Smiles

Today’s cosmetic dentist uses advanced technologies and time proven procedures to provide a brighter smile to your face. Cosmetic dentists are able to use solutions ranging from simple tooth whitening treatments to complete cosmetic makeovers to restore your natural beauty. Among the solutions that they are able to utilize the latest innovations with are tooth whitening, dental implants, and invisible braces.

Cosmetic dentists can achieve remarkable success for whitening teeth by applying peroxide gel to the teeth, and using a laser to provide a boost to the whitening process. The laser activates the whitening gel, causing a chemical reaction that leads to an improved whitening effect.

Tooth whitening is frequently recommended for stains that have a yellow, or even light brown, appearance, as these are generally superficial stains. When stains have grayish hues to them, they’ve normally become embedded in the tooth structure and could require additional procedures to remove them. Some solutions that could be recommended are crowns or veneers, depending upon the severity of the dental problem. The cosmetic dentists at Smiles on Broadway can recommend the best procedure for you.

Invisible braces are aligners that are capable of correcting crooked teeth without the use of unsightly metal wires. You probably have heard of them by their well-known brand name, Invisalign, and patients often desire them for aesthetic reasons. Unless you look closely, they are very difficult to see, particularly when compared to traditional braces. They are also considered to be more comfortable than metallic braces because they are easily removed for eating.

Just as for traditional braces, the cosmetic dentist makes an impression of your teeth and sends the results to a laboratory to have our invisible aligners custom made for you. You’re normally able to try your first set of aligners after only a couple weeks. Some people are able to move on to their second set of aligners in as little as a month. The severity of your dental problems will determine how many sets of invisible aligners that you’ll need.

Dental implants are another solution that cosmetic dentists offer in clinics all over the world. If your dental health is in reasonably good condition except that you’ve lost a tooth along the way, it may be the perfect option for you to choose. Dentists are able to replace lost teeth with implants, without needing to modify any part of your existing tooth structure. They are also used to support dental bridges, making partial dentures unnecessary. They’re also used to provide a more comfortable fit for dentures.

These are only a few of the recent innovations in cosmetic dentistry that have been proven to correct various dental issues. If your teeth are discolored, crooked, or damaged, visit the cosmetic dentists at Smiles on Broadway and ask which procedure would work the best for you.

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