How Dentists Are Able To Fix Cracked, Misaligned Or Chipped Teeth Using Dental Bonding And Contouring

The process of tooth contouring using reshaping techniques has an outstanding reputation as a dental procedure that offers patients immediate results. Tooth reshaping and contouring are the types of procedures that experienced dental practitioners use in or to correct cracked, chipped or misaligned teeth. These procedures are also used for growth irregularities that have resulted in teeth that overlap in just a single appointment.

The procedure known as dental contouring is typically utilized in order to change the position, shape or length of the teeth. This process is a faster alternative and less painful than short-term braces for certain types of circumstances. The longer-term braces are unable to be corrected using this method as they are to do with a sequence of alterations in growth.

The Process Of Bonding And Contouring

These procedures involve subtle alterations over a set course of treatments. This involve removing a very thin layer of the patients tooth material and then building up the tooth ever so slightly with a laminate that look like natural tooth material. In this way a dentist is able to improve the appearance of one or more teeth with very little discomfort for their patients. When it comes to these procedures it is always advisable to use a qualified cosmetic dentist that has the necessary skills and experience when it comes to veneers.

The process of reshaping teeth is one of the more common orthodontic techniques to change the fixed position, overall shape as well vertical length of the teeth. If the patient has healthy and normal teeth that has experienced a fracture or chip or when the teeth are a bit crowded, these procedures are able to result in visually appealing results which is a minimally invasive method to attain a better smile.

In many cases tooth reshaping is performed with the use of veneers in order to result in a better smile. The process of removing a thin layer of the tooth’s surface, a tooth that is slightly misaligned or crooked can be straightened and then the application of a veneer combines together in order to result in a perfectly matched and positioned tooth. Another method used with contouring and reshaping will be dental bonding.

About Dental Bonding

The process of dental bonding involves the use of dental polymers in order to repair chipped or cracked teeth. When combined with contouring and reshaping, this technique can result in perfect looking teeth.

These procedures are similar to the process of veneers expecting that when using bonding the materials are applied to the surface of the teeth and then shaped, whereas the veneers the laminate layer will be created in a laboratory which is then attached to the tooth with a dental adhesive. Either technique can be used to correct and repair teeth that are damaged.

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