Relax, And Find Yourself With A Fresh Smile

Relax, And Find Yourself With A Fresh Smile Your dental health is of the utmost importance. Sometimes, there are procedures necessary that you may shiver at the thought of. Many patients can be squeamish over the thoughts of needles, and poking around at their sensitive teeth. In fact, over 15% of American adults avoid the dentist entirely because of “misconceptions and fears.” If that sounds like you, that’s ok! Fortunately, there is still a way for you to still have important dental work done in comfort.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry allows patients to overcome their dental fears by providing a relaxing, anxiety-free experience. Patients can receive any treatments – from routine dental care to more complex procedures – while overcoming their dental phobia. Sedation dentistry is perfect for people with fear or anxiety that prevents them from going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry can also be perfect for people with a low pain tolerance, those who fidget while in the dentist chair, those with sensitive teeth, those with a bad gag reflex, and patients who will need to have an extensive amount of dental work completed.

How Does It Work?

Your dentist will administer sedative drugs, which create a relaxed, calm state. Your dentist can administer the sedatives in various ways, including via an IV or by inhalation. Oral sedation is the most common method used in the United States. Your dentist will likely still need to administer a local anesthetic at the procedure site. However, this will occur after you have been sedated, so you will not even realize that the local anesthetic had been applied.

You will not actually be asleep during the procedure. Because of the sedatives, you will likely feel very sleepy. You will be extremely relaxed, and you won’t remember much, if anything, about your procedure. However, you will be conscious throughout the procedure, providing both safety and cooperation.

Is It Worth It?

As mentioned, sedative dentistry allows you to have oral work performed that you otherwise may be too scared to. Sedative Dentistry ensures that you receive the oral care you need to keep your oral hygiene in top shape. Many patients also say that the procedure feels like it only lasted a few minutes when it reality it took a couple hours. By choosing sedatives, you’ll be able to have more accomplished in one visit, reducing dreaded further trips to your Long Island dentist.

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