Partial Dentures Can Restore Your Smile

Partial Dentures Can Restore Your Smile If you’ve ever seen a comedy with a scene regarding dentures, they’ve probably used a full set of teeth. This is the first stereotypical vision that comes to mind when thinking of dentures. However, this is not the case, thanks to modern dentistry. Partial dentures are an option to consider when replacing missing teeth.

Partial Dentures Are A Great Option

Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that can easily be removed from your mouth and cleaned. Dentures look like natural teeth and are very comfortable and convenient to wear. Partial dentures are a great option because they allow you to keep the natural teeth you have intact. Your partial dentures will be created by your Long Island cosmetic dentist to fill in the gaps you have from missing teeth. Your partial dentures will rest on the metal framework, which attaches to your natural teeth.

Partial dentures are a cheaper alternative than full dentures. They will also not require any additional oral surgery, such as tooth removal.

A Long-Term Solution

Dentures, if cared for properly, can give you a smile lasting a lifetime. You will need to be gentle when handling your partial dentures, as they can be fragile. You will also need to practice routine maintenance to ensure the life of your dentures. They will need to be cleaned daily and kept in a solution overnight.

Visiting your dentist on an annual basis will ensure the life of your dentures as well. Over time, your mouth will change shape, meaning your dentures will not fit as well as when you first received them. This is ok! It happens to every denture wearer. By scheduling routine checkups with your cosmetic dentists, you can ensure that your dentures fit properly. Doing so will provide full comfort and functionality for you.

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