Do You Need Denture Repair?

Do You Need Denture Repair? Dentures offer incredible convenience for their users, providing a complete smile restoration. In order to keep this smile looking fresh and keep one’s oral profile healthy, denture repairs are necessary. Fortunately, your dentures are made of a material that makes repairing them easy.

Your Mouth Will Change Over Time

If your dentures do not fit correctly, they will be prone to fracturing. A proper fit means that you are able to eat and chew without putting any stress on your dentures. An improper fit causes them to break. If they break, a denture repair will likely need to be performed before you are able to use them again.

As time goes on, it is recommended that you have your dentures relined. Visiting your dental office regularly will allow them to advise if a relining is necessary. Relining will ensure a proper fit as your mouth changes shape, which happens naturally over time as a result of wearing dentures. Your Long Island dentist should be able to perform this procedure in their office. If you do not visit your dentist regularly for checkups, then by the time your dentures are in dire need of relining, it will be too late. They will have likely broken by this point, making a complete denture repair necessary.

Dentures Can Be Fragile

Although durable, dentures are very fragile. They are susceptible to breaking if they are dropped. It is recommended that when you are handling your dentures, you use extra caution. You should put a towel down on your bathroom sink, which will cushion the blow in case they are accidentally dropped. It is also recommended that you fill your sink with water, for the very same reason. Dropping them could mean you need denture repairs performed in order to restore full functionality.

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