Consider Dental Implants As An Alternative To Traditional Dentures

Consider Dental Implants As An Alternative To Traditional DenturesTraditional dentures are a tried-and-true design that has allowed individuals to feel comfortable with their smile for years. They replace missing teeth, to fix misaligned bites, which helps with chewing so that you can eat without pain. There is nothing wrong with this method, but over the years, advancements in the industry have led to suitable alternatives becoming available. Each one offers unique benefits, and there is no wrong choice, as they are all capable of handling the job, that they are intended to do, which is, provide you with a functioning set of teeth.

Dental Implants Are An Ideal Alternative

A brief consultation, with your dentist, must first take place to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. It is painless, but a necessity, to make sure that your jaw bone will support the post. Don’t fret if you do not qualify, instead, ask your dental professional if a bone graft will work for you? Finally, the procedure can begin. Typically, after the extraction process, the drill is used to make a hole in the jaw bone. The size of the hole depends on which, style of implant, is chosen. A sturdy, titanium implant, is tightened into place, which gives the abutment a place to attach, and finally, the crown goes into place.

It is notable to mention, that healing times vary, from patient to patient and minor discomfort can be expected. However, after you finish healing, you will be left with a gorgeous smile, a bite that is aligned correctly, and no more pain. Dentures can become loose fitting, slip or fall out of place, and cause embarrassing moments for you to have to endure. Dental implants are all that anyone is talking about right now, and that is for a good reason. They are proving to be a practical solution for missing or unhealthy teeth, all over the globe.

Partials, Bridges, And More

Not everyone is a candidate to receive the implants. Bone structure, genetics, and other variables are looked at carefully, before a determination, is made. Bridges and partials use existing teeth to keep them securely in place. They are durable to withstand the constant opening, closing, and chewing motions associated with using one’s mouth. However, they can also be hard to get used to, due to their size. Our team is knowledgeable in all areas of dentistry, and we can help you find the perfect way to achieve the smile of your dreams.

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