Reasons To Get Your Broken Or Misaligned Dentures Repaired

Reasons To Get Your Broken Or Misaligned Dentures RepairedIt is hard enough to get used to wearing dentures that fit properly. However, if they become damaged, loose, or misaligned, that task seems almost impossible. Sharp edges, from chipped teeth or jagged gum lines, leave cuts and sores, which cause pain and sometimes bleed. Rocking or bouncing dentures, often cause damage to other teeth as well, and if they are natural, extreme discomfort will follow.

Over the counter, remedies are only meant to be temporary, and extended use, might cause more damage than what you started with, so be aware of this, before attempting a do-it-yourself repair.

Your Smile Is One Of The First Features That People Notice

The chances are, that if you already have dentures, you got them for a reason. Most of the time, it has something to do with giving your smile more aesthetic appeal. However, if your replacement teeth have gaps, cracks, or another problem, you may be left with the same problem, as before you got them. Talk to your dental professional about preventative tips, to keep your dentures looking their best.

Leaving A Misaligned Bite Unchecked, May Eventually, Change Your Facial Features

After a tooth has is removed a void is left where the root used to sit in the socket. This hole causes gum tissue to recede and bone to deteriorate because there is nothing to stimulate its growth. However, your dentures can help your face stay recognizable to you, but when the bite is misaligned, for an extended period, your bones may shift in a new direction. If this happens, slight changes in your appearance may become visibly noticeable.

Straight Teeth Help You Receive Nutritional Requirements

The primary reason behind having broken dentures repaired is because you need them to eat. You may be able to make due by eating soft foods, but that will get old after a while. Attempting to eat hard food, with improperly fitting teeth, causes pain and sores to form, and your overall health will suffer from a lack of nutritional requirements. To remain happy and healthy, make sure that your dentures, implants, or natural teeth are performing, to their full potential.

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