The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

The Benefits Of Sedation DentistryNervousness, anxiousness, and even fear are often brought on by the mere thought of going to the dentist. Usually, these feelings cause individuals to neglect their mouth health. However, we offer sedation dentistry for a variety of procedures, which keeps your emotions under control. In many cases, patients do not have any recollection of the process, and they prefer to keep it that way.

Rather than using an IV and needle, oral conscious sedation is the method that we use, as it is a safe and proven method. Our patients just take a pill, approximately an hour or so before their procedure, which lets them drift off, into a state of peaceful relaxation. However, they remain in a particular state of consciousness to provide answers to questions that the dental team may have.

Sedation Dentistry Is For More Than Just Anxiety

Many patients do not wish to spend more time in the dental chair than they have to, and by utilizing sedation dentistry, multiple procedures can be performed, at once. Not everyone wants to think about multitasking and dental work in the same thought, but it has proven time and again, to be beneficial to patients. Having multiple things done at the same time, sometimes up to a year’s worth of work, saves money and gets patients back to doing the more important things in life, like spending time with the family.

Be Sure To Have A Driver Scheduled To Take You Home

Anytime you are receiving, a form of sedation, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure your safety. Drowsiness, blurred vision, or other symptoms may still present themselves, and if you are behind the wheel, that is a recipe for disaster. Driving while under the influence of this medication, is the equivalent of being under the influence, of other drugs or alcohol, and should be avoided, regardless of the circumstances. Nausea is another problem that you may experience, so don’t forget to take the necessary measures for you, and others on our roadways, to stay healthy and safe.

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