The Ins And Outs Of Teeth Whitening

The Ins And Outs Of Teeth WhiteningPeople want whiter and brighter smiles for a variety of different reasons. Having beautiful teeth makes individuals feel self-confident, happy, and ready to rule the day. However, less than stellar mouth health can leave them feeling down in the dumps and refusing to show others their pearly whites. The Zoom teeth whitening system is trusted to whiten teeth, with little side-effects, by dentists everywhere because of its effectiveness.

Ideal Candidates Avoid Staining Agents

Typically, our teeth become stained, due to our bad habits. Tobacco, sugary and caffeinated beverages, as well as various other foods, leave behind sticky residues that leave enamel looking dull. Not all patients are ideal candidates for the procedure. However, the people that are candidates, tend to be willing to eliminate the staining agent, which caused the staining in the first place, from their lives. Sensitive teeth may also remove a person from candidacy, as the system could cause them pain and discomfort.

Previous Dental Work Stays The Same Color

If you have had fillings, porcelain veneers, or other dental work done, their shades will not lighten. It is important to take this item under careful consideration, as the new color, likely will not match the existing work. Our experienced team goes over the entire procedure with you, from the beginning to the end, so you can make an informed decision of whether the Zoom teeth whitening system is right for you. If for any reason, you are unsure, ask about our other cosmetic options, and together we can give you a smile that you want and deserve.

Things To Expect While Getting Your Teeth Lightened

First, your teeth will be isolated from your gums so that the solution can not get on them. Then, a hydrogen-peroxide-based whitening gel is applied, and a special Zoom light is used to break the formula down. It is then able to penetrate the enamel, which allows it to bleach away the stains. After three sessions of fifteen minutes each, fluoride is utilized to prevent sensitivity.

With proper maintenance, your new smile will last, for years to come. Of course, we are not just going to whiten your teeth and send you on your way. Guidelines and other information will be gone over thoroughly, to ensure that you are prepared to care for your teeth properly.

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