4 Ways To Care For Your Dentures

4 Ways To Care For Your DenturesIf you’ve gotten dentures in Long Island for your mouth, then in one sense, you have one less thing to worry about. The tooth decay that comes from cavities is not something that is going to pose much of a threat to dentures. However, just because cavities and fillings are now a thing of the past, it doesn’t mean that good, regular, self-conducted dental care no longer applies. You’ve still got a mouth, and you’ve still got gums inside, so here are a few things you need to keep in mind with your new dentures in Long Island.

Breaks Are Important

Getting new dentures doesn’t mean wearing them all the time. It’s important to take a few hours out of each day to give your gums a rest. Your new dentures may not be organic, but the rest of your mouth still is. Wearing dentures over the course of the day is going to put some pressure on your gums. It’s important to relieve this pressure, especially when you know you’re not going to be speaking or eating for some time, which is why bedtime is the perfect interval to give your gums a break.

Pay Attention To The Fit

Even as an adult, this doesn’t mean that your body is “fixed in place” and will now remain the same. The gums in your mouth and even the bones in your jaw can change over time. Gum disease and bone loss can occur, and if they do, this will affect the way your dentures feel. Take the time on occasion to really see how your dentures in Long Island fit. If you feel that there’s a difference, get this checked out, because you’re probably right, but should find out why.

Clean Your Dentures

While it’s true that your dentures aren’t going to get cavities that doesn’t mean that they are now immune to the accumulation of bacteria and tartar. Of course, these contaminants aren’t going to affect the structural integrity of dentures, but they can still have an adverse effect on your gums and the rest of your mouth if they are allowed to remain and spread. Make sure you clean your dentures at least once day.

Get A Check Up

Getting dentures in Long Island doesn’t mean that your trips to the dentist are now over. Oral health is more than just checking up on teeth. A professional should still be regularly inspecting your gums and the condition of your dentures as well to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If not, you’ll be in a good position to catch a problem early and make sure it’s properly cared for before it gets more serious and expensive.

Just remember that while dentures solve some problems for your mouth, they are not a “fire and forget” solution that you can just take for granted. The dentures themselves still require periodic inspection and regular care, just like the rest of your mouth. Take care of your dentures, and they’ll continue to take care of you.

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