Who Are Porcelain Veneers For?

Who Are Porcelain Veneers For?It’s not unusual for people to want to be able to open their mouths wide and throw out a big, shiny smile for the world to see. It’s something that immediately puts people at ease, but it can also make a person feel—and look—more attractive and presentable in both their social and professional dealings. A winning smile can make a difference to a person’s “people skills” but it can sometimes take a little work to achieve that. For some, it’s a matter of good dental care like brushing teeth. For others, it may require something a bit more comprehensive, such a complete replacement with dentures, or porcelain veneers.

But while many people are familiar with the concept of dentures, veneers, though less common, are still a viable alternative. They’re not for everyone, however, so let’s find out what kind of person makes a good fit for porcelain veneers in Long Island.

An Elaborate Cover

A porcelain veneer is like a thin “shield” or cover that is permanently applied over the front of a tooth. While other materials like resin can be used, porcelain is generally favored as the material of choice because its texture and pearlescent qualities closely resemble that of a tooth. This is a permanent application, and, unlike dentures, will remain on your teeth forever. Depending on your situation, you may want or need only a few porcelain veneers applied to a few teeth, or you may want the veneers to cover both your upper and lower teeth.

However, while porcelain veneers in long island can be a durable, permanent solution, not everyone should necessarily get them. Veneers are designed to sit atop existing teeth, so a certain amount of gum and tooth health is required before a recommendation can be made. You may think you’d like to get veneers put on your teeth, but you will first require a complete check up by your dentist in order to let a professional make the determination. It may be that dentures are a better idea, because your teeth need to be removed, or you may have a gum disease issue that needs to be addressed first before you can move on to the next stage. Whatever your situation is, you can’t order porcelain veneers to be applied, a dentist will need to evaluate whether your mouth is a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Preparation Required

Like any major dental procedure, once it’s been determined you’re a good fit for porcelain veneers, you can’t just get it done immediately. This requires multiple visits and proper preparation of your teeth in order to have the veneers properly applied. You’ll need to have your teeth readied with grinding implements and the veneers will need to be manufactured and customized to your mouth. Once all is ready, an acid is applied to the teeth, then removed and the veneers are affixed and exposed to a high intensity light. Once that’s done, your porcelain veneers in Long Island are ready to show off a new, white, shiny smile to the world.

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