Sedation Dentistry Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Sedation Dentistry Doesn’t Have To Be ScaryFor longer, more involved dental procedures that may involve quite some time “in the chair,” a visit to a sedation dentist in Long Island is a great option. Sedation dentistry is a quite a bit different from a normal visit to the dentist for specific types of dental work. In most cases, such as getting a tooth pulled, a dentist may need to apply some local anesthetic to the mouth, usually in the form of a needle, in order to ease discomfort. However, this means the patient is awake and fully aware of what’s going on, including how long the procedure takes.

The Sedation Alternative

With a sedation dentist in Long Island, things change. Sedation dentistry itself means that a patient, similar to undergoing surgery, will take a general anesthetic, and thus be unaware of what happens during the procedure, or even the passage of time. In the past, this type of sedation dentistry was only offered for extensive oral surgery, such as the removal of wisdom teeth. Today, however, a sedation dentist in Long Island can offer these services for a wide range of different procedures.

The best part of sedation dentistry is that there’s more than one way to apply it. Some sedation dentistry still uses needles, in the form of an IV piercing the arm. Other forms, however, use gas that is breathed in, or even a pill that is taken an hour before the procedure occurs. If you’re interested in seeing a sedation dentist in Long Island but are leery of needles, don’t worry! You do have alternatives, and at the end of it, you’ll wake up with no recollection of the work done to your mouth, or how much time it took. Talk to your dentist today to find out more about it!

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