Make Sure You Inspect Your Dentures

Make Sure You Inspect Your DenturesIn some ways, dentures can lend a false sense of security to a person. Once you have dentures, you never have to worry about cavities or fillings again. But your dentures, as durable as they are, are not indestructible. Depending on the situation, you may even find yourself needing denture repairs. But how does this happen to such a sturdy piece of dental equipment?

Time & Impacts Make A Difference

Of course, one sure way for dentures to get damaged is through impact. If you should fall, or receive some other kind of impact or blow to your mouth, there’s always a chance that this will damage your dentures, perhaps even result in losing some teeth, or cause a crack in the dentures somewhere.

Even without physical impact, your dentures can take damage simply through years of use. The constant pressure of chewing, talking has an effect. Numerous substances, such as the exposure to mild acids like carbonated drinks over years can cause staining and even cracks or other breaks that require denture repairs.

This is why you should occasionally take the time to get a closer look at your dentures and see how they are holding up. You may not care so much about staining, especially if it’s caused by something like smoking, if you’re unwilling to quit. But if you start to see hairline cracks or other fractures in your dentures, don’t ignore this. It’s only going to get worse.

You should never try to make denture repairs yourself. If you know your dentures need a fix, always bring this up with a professional. That way you’ll get a quality fix, or, if it’s time, you may simply need a replacement with new dentures that are better fit. It’s always best to leave this to the professionals.

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