The Basics Of Dental Implants

The Basics Of Dental Implants Long Island is the most heavily populated island in the entire country, and the millions of people who call it home are diverse and interesting. While each of them lives their own unique lives, some things remain the same from person to person. A good example of this? The need for good dental care. And one of the primary dental procedures that may need to be considered is that of Long Island dental implants.

Long Island dental implants may seem like a confusing, painful, and expensive process, but the reality is that taking a closer look can help you see why it’s a procedure that could be right for you.

What Are They?

Dental implants are a type of dental procedure that replaces missing teeth with denture-like appliances. However, these are attached permanently to the jaw. This is done by drilling small holes into the jawbone and then attaching anchors to them. Then, false teeth are attached to the anchors for a permanent bond.

Benefits They Offer

Traditional dentures are great for replacing missing teeth and rebuilding a smile, but Long Island dental implants offer a few significant benefits over those traditional dentures. These include:

  • Their permanent nature means that there is no restriction on the type of foods you eat. You can eat and enjoy all of your favorite foods without worry.
  • Since dental implants are a part of your mouth, they are cared for just like your existing teeth. Instead of separate cleaning steps like with traditional dentures, you can simply brush, floss, and rinse your teeth as you normally would.
  • Today’s dental implants also replicate existing teeth perfectly. Our professional dentists use molds and color matching techniques to create replacement teeth that perfectly match your smile. This means that once your dental implants are in place, nobody will ever be able to tell that they’re not real – not even you.

Recovery, Cost, And Other Concerns

We know that some people have concerns about Long Island dental implants, and while some of these may be well-grounded the reality is that today’s modern implants are much smaller in terms of anchors and holes. This means that recovery times are far faster and that the discomfort experienced is dramatically less than it was just a few years ago.

Additionally, costs have dropped dramatically as well. While still somewhat more expensive than traditional dentures, the benefits that implants offer means that the value of the procedure is much higher than with other options. In short, for those who are looking for the best way to reclaim their smile and feel better than ever about how they look, Long Island dental implants are a great choice.

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