What Are Porcelain Veneers?

What Are Porcelain Veneers? Having a great smile is one of the most important things for those who want to keep their self-confidence high and feel proud every time that they smile. Long Island cosmetic dentistry services provide numerous ways to do just that, making it easier to smile with confidence.

No matter what it is that you may be facing in terms of your smile, the fact is that cosmetic dentistry offers a solution. And for millions of people, porcelain veneers are a perfect solution to a problematic smile. But just what are they, and how do they help you regain the smile you want?

What Porcelain Veneers Are For

Porcelain veneers are a type of cosmetic dentistry procedure that can be used to help correct a number of dental issues. Some of the most common uses for them include the following.

  • Discolored teeth
  • Misaligned and crooked teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Missing teeth

It’s important to understand that because porcelain veneers attach to existing teeth, they’re not always used for correcting all dental problems – especially in cases where teeth are missing. But for those occasions when they can be used, they can totally change a person’s smile for the better.

What It Involves

There are a few basic steps that are involved in receiving porcelain veneers. Understanding these steps will help you know what to expect and have a solid grasp of whether or not they’re applicable in your situation.

  • The process begins with an initial consultation where our professionals will review your teeth and determine whether or not veneers can be used. If they can, we’ll explain more in detail about what to expect.
  • Molds are used to ensure that your porcelain veneers will fit correctly into your mouth. The molds will be sent to a lab where the veneers will be created to fit your mouth exactly, providing a perfect fit. When the molds are ready, you’ll return for the next phase of the process.
  • A thin portion of your teeth are filed away. This process removes the top layer of the teeth enamel, and also helps ‘roughen’ the tooth so that the porcelain veneers remain in place.
  • Once your teeth are ready, the veneers are attached to them using a powerful adhesive. This adhesive keeps the veneers in place for good, giving you the smile that you’ve been waiting for.
  • You’ll be given a breakdown of post-care instructions that need to be followed in order to allow the veneers to stay in place for good. Following these instructions will be the foundation for your new smile’s overall health.

These are the basics of porcelain veneers. If you think that they may be a good option for your smile and to get the confidence you need, our team can help. An initial consultation is the first step towards a bright new smile.

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