What To Expect When You Visit An Implant Dentist

What To Expect When You Visit An Implant Dentist Maintaining your oral health is one of the fundamentals for good overall health, and taking care of your teeth and gums can directly impact everything from your physical wellbeing to your confidence and happiness and more.

Missing or seriously damaged teeth are one of the biggest issues you can face, and while outright removal is an option the fact is that those missing teeth can reduce your confidence level, lead to a lower level of self-esteem, and even make it more difficult to eat properly.

That’s why visiting an implant dentist in Long Island makes so much sense. By providing you with permanent replacement teeth, your dental professional can give you back a brighter, healthier, happier smile.

But what will happen when you visit an implant dentist? It’s a question that not everyone understands fully, and that misunderstanding could stop some from visiting an implant dentist in Long Island. But while each situation is different, there are a few things that you can expect to happen as you visit an implant dentist.

  • The initial consultation takes place first, just to review your mouth and make a determination as to what kind of implants you will need. You’ll have everything explained to you during this point, and you and the dentist will go plan out the treatment.
  • Molds of your mouth will be taken to provide your implant dentist with a clear blueprint of your mouth’s structure, letting them recreate your missing teeth exactly. These molds are sent to a lab where the teeth will be created.
  • Today’s smaller implant sizes mean that most people won’t need jawbone grafts, but it could be a part of the process if your jaw is small or weak. If so, the next phase will be to apply the bone graft to the part of the jaw that it is needed in.
  • After the graft heals, the implants can be set. A tiny hole is drilled into the jawbone and an anchor is set inside it.
  • Once the anchor holes are healed, your dentist will then attach your new tooth to the anchor post. However, today’s micro dental implants mean that in some instances you could have the implant and the replacement tooth set in the same day.
  • You’ll then be given full recovery instructions. Soreness will remain for a short time, depending on the situation and the size of the implants. You may need to return for a follow up visit at some point later on.

That’s the entire process in a nutshell, and it’s easier to complete than many patients realize. With shorter recovery times, less pain, and lower costs than ever before, modern dental implants are something well worth considering to regain your smile. If you’re ready for that brighter smile, contacting an implant dentist in Long Island is a smart move.

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