Tooth Bridges And Dental Crowns

Tooth Bridges And Dental Crowns During your latest checkup, your Long Island dentist may have informed you that you may soon need a tooth bridge or dental crown. If this is the first time you’re hearing about either of these two, there’s no need to be alarmed. Your dentist has installed thousands of tooth bridges and dental crowns throughout his career. Having the procedure done can help restore your oral health and allow you to return to a pain-free life.

What Are Tooth Bridges And Dental Crowns?

These devices are both prosthetic devices that are permanently fixed inside your mouth. Dentures and other similar devices can be removed by the user at any time. Bridges and crowns, on the other hand, are cemented into place and can only be removed by a dental professional.

A bridge is used if you’re missing a tooth. They “bridge” the gap in your teeth. If uncorrected, your remaining teeth will begin to rotate and shift into the gap. This will have severe implications, including an altered bite, gum disease, and temporomandibular joint problems. Bridges are cemented to the tooth on the left and the tooth on the right. Today’s bridges can be made to match the color of your teeth, and are typically made from porcelain or ceramic. Having a bridge installed will help you forget about the gap in your teeth, and will allow you to perform daily activities without inconvenience.

While a bridge is used if you’re missing a tooth, a crown is used when there is an existing tooth in place; it serves as a protective cover over a damaged tooth. Having a crown installed can protect a damaged tooth, especially one that has just been repaired. Patients that receive a root canal may have a crown installed as a preventative measure. Additionally, a crown will help restore your tooth’s shape, structure, and function. Just like bridges, a crown can be made to match the color of your teeth. This seamless integration helps you forget the crown is even there! Crowns are typically made of porcelain or ceramic, but can also be made of gold, metal, ceramic, and acrylic.

Lifespan Of Bridges And Crowns

As mentioned, bridges and crowns are cemented in place and can only be removed by a dental professional. However, in the rare unfortunate circumstance, your bridge or crown could become loose and fall out. This situation can typically be avoided if you engage in good oral hygiene practices and work to keep your bridge or crown clean. If your bridge or crown does fall out, your Long Island dentist should be able to quickly reinstall it. And if it does not fall out, then there’s a good chance that your bridge or crown lasts a lifetime!

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