Long Island Dental Implants Are For Far More Than Just Looking Beautiful

long-island-dental-implants-are-for-far-more-than-just-looking-beautifulPeople with one or more missing teeth often feel unsure and insecure about their appearance. There are multiple and numerous methods for correcting these issues, but perhaps none of them are more sought-after than dental implants. They are of titanium construction, which does not cause allergic reactions in most people. The post becomes installed in the jawbone, an abutment connects to it, and the crown attaches to that piece. Patients are left with a straight, natural-looking smile. Making teeth beautiful is always a plus, but dental implants offer far more than just a pretty appearance.

A misaligned bite leads to painful chewing sensations, which causes people to make dietary changes. These actions result in malnourishment and unhealthy conditions. Fortunately, dental implants provide a stable foundation for the new crowns, and patients can eat their favorite meals, without having to pay particular attention to the toughness or textures of foods. Ask our Long Island dentist if dental implants are a smart choice for you, and restore your oral functionality.

Unlike traditional dentures that require adhesives to stay in place, osseointegration secures the dental implants. Patients should prepare for a recovery period of between 3 and 6-months, which allows the bone to fuse with the titanium post properly. Minor pain and discomfort should also be expected after the surgical procedure. However, you know your body better than anyone else, so if something feels wrong or out of place, please don’t hesitate to call our office. Your health and safety are always our top priority.

A failed implant is not very likely, but it is a possibility that can arise. Finding the culprit behind the failure is not always the easiest of tasks, and sometimes, the reason is never known. Regardless of why the event occurred, the entire process will need to be repeated. If an allergic reaction transpires, rash and extreme fatigue are common symptoms that may become experienced. There is little to lose and only a healthy, gorgeous smile to gain, so don’t delay and contact our practice today if you are missing teeth.

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