Reasons To Consider A Teeth Whitening Procedure Before Heading Home For The Holidays

reasons-to-consider-a-teeth-whitening- procedure-before-heading-home-for-the- holidaysIt is not uncommon for people to visit family, friends, or in-laws for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and numerous holidays throughout the year. Turkey day is right around the corner, which leads to college students, professionals working abroad, and countless others making first impressions again since they have not been home for a while. A discolored smile leaves a person feeling self-conscious about their looks, uncomfortable, and it can make the moment more of a nightmare than a cherished memory. Age, certain foods or beverages, and countless other factors can contribute to stains forming on teeth. Practicing proper brushing and flossing techniques are beneficial to one’s mouth health, but they alone are not always enough to prevent spots and blemishes from becoming noticeable.

A trip down any retail store’s dental aisle offers countless products to whiten tooth shades. However, many toothpaste brands have abrasive properties that damage enamel, while gunk filled trays seem to take forever to work. In as little time as most of us use for a lunch break, a professional teeth whitening procedure can become completed. Our technicians cover the gums to protect them from the peroxide-hydrogen-based gel that applies to the teeth. After application, three, 15-minute sessions will take place with the revolutionary chairside lamp. It activates the gel and allows it to break down the stains for a noticeably whiter smile, immediately after procedure completion.

Patients are sent home with a touch-up kit and specific instructions on how to use it properly for maintaining their new brightness level. Regular checkups and good oral hygiene practices lead to many patients only requiring a single teeth whitening treatment, for years. So, with correct care, you will be set for this holiday season, and possibly multiple others to come. As a result, patients will feel better about their appearance and have no problem flashing their pearly whites for selfies or other pictures.

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for a teeth whitening procedure. People that have had previous cosmetic dentistry performed and those that use tobacco, or other staining substances, might become advised against treatment. Veneers, crowns, and bridges do not change shades. Of course, this aspect means that they will not stain either, but by brightening natural tooth enamel, the replacement material stands out. Rather than achieving their dream smile, patients are left with undesirable results. Our team goes over the ins, and outs, with every person that is considering teeth whitening. Don’t fret if you are not a candidate though, as we will discuss and find alternative cosmetic options to meet your needs.

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