Seek A Professional Long Island General Dentist To Keep Your Family Healthy, Happy, And Smiling

Dentist treating cute blonde child in his surgery.

Trips to the dental office have become far too intimidating over the years. Movie portrayals, sharp instruments, and the unfortunate side-effects of pain and discomfort have given the industry a bad rap. From the first initial phone call to the consultation, and all the way to procedure completion, patients are treated with compassion, professionalism, respect, and common courtesy. Long Island residents do not have to suffer through being treated as just another number anymore, and they can contact our general dentist to combat these effects.

Instilling excellent oral hygiene practices in children is of the utmost importance. These acts help prevent extensive damage, which eliminates the need for costly repairs in the future and contributes to an overall healthier smile. Our team is friendly and exceeds expectations in creating an inviting atmosphere that relaxes new and existing patients alike. Adult or child patients, with their mind’s at ease, are more likely to retain the valuable information about brushing and flossing that the dentist passes along. See for yourself what sets our practice apart from others, schedule a checkup, and start building a robust foundation to keep your family healthy, happy, and smiling.


Our General Dentist Practice Offers Restorative Treatments Too


Sporting, automotive, and other accidents can leave participants with one or more missing teeth. Dental implants, bridges, and even dentures are available in multiple shades for easily color coordinating with the patient’s existing enamel. Some options are suitable for children, while others are not. For instance, a dental implant cannot be installed until the jawbone has quit growing. However, a filling or crown may be an ideal alternative to use before the decay increases beyond repair. Parents, this shout-out is for you, and our treatments are non-toxic, so don’t get stressed out about metal or other harmful materials being used to fix cavities in your little one’s mouth.

Consider scheduling a professional cleaning with a general dentist to remove plaque buildup, which can lead to gingivitis or other diseases and illnesses. The cleansing also serves as a preventative maintenance tool and allows the dental professional to bring any future issues that might arise to your attention. Afterwards, the result will be a healthier, brighter smile to flash around town or pose for the perfect school portrait.

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