How Veneers Can Help Transform Your Smile

How Veneers Can Help Transform Your SmileVeneers are a layer of protection that are placed over a tooth to help improve the aesthetics of your smile while also protecting the surface of the tooth from any damage. If you have been considering getting veneers to help transform your own smile, then you are probably wondering whether or not they are truly worth it.

The Pros of Veneers


Veneers are typically used to help change the size, color, or shape of teeth and are commonly used when you are experiencing a chipped or broken tooth, irregularly shaped teeth, teeth with gaps between them, and teeth that may have become discolored due to other procedures such as a root canal or filling.

If you choose veneers, it is important to note that while they may cost anywhere between $1000 and $2000, they will also last up to fifteen years if taken care of and it is most often covered by insurance companies as a cosmetic procedure.

The veneers can help you gain more confidence when it comes to your smile, and it is hard to tell that the veneers are any different from your actual teeth. There is also no additional or special maintenance required when it comes to veneers. You simply just have to continue to brush and floss regularly.


The Cons of Veneers


One of the biggest downfalls of veneers is the discoloration that can occur. Your regular teeth are able to change color naturally over a period of time. However, the veneers will remain the same color and will no longer match the rest of your teeth.

Veneers may also be prone to chipping because they are more fragile and delicate compared to your regular teeth. If you have a bad habit of grinding your teeth or biting your nails, then veneers may not be a good solution for you.

It is also possible for the tooth underneath the veneer to begin to decay which can lead to other dental procedures such as a root canal or crown in the future. So, if you have weakened enamel or a history of gum disease, you may want to reconsider or talk to your dentist about any possible alternatives.

Overall, veneers are a minimally invasive way for you to completely transform your smile and gain the confidence you have dreamed of.

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