No Cavity Club

The newest members of our No Cavity Club.  Congratulations!

Use It or Lose It!

You would never think of taking your hard-earned money and tossing it out the window, but that’s what you would be doing if you didn’t make full use of your dental benefits and/or flexible spending and HSA accounts.  Most benefits […]

implant dentistry of the highest standard

If you are missing one, some, or all of your natural teeth, we have exciting news for you. You can once again have a mouth…

Getting your children ready for school?

Just a friendly reminder to schedule your child for preventative care during the last few weeks of summer. This is important for your college students as well. Let…

Sizzling Summer Special For Your Smile!

Looking for a whitening treatment that can dramatically change your tooth color, giving you a whiter and brighter smile?

With summer and wedding season already upon…

Unnecessary ER Visits for Dental Problems Rising

Preventative care with routine visits with either Fran or Tina help prevent emergency visits. Call us today to reserve your next appointment with our hygienists!