The Cost of Teeth Whitening: Investing in Professional Care

Like many patients, you may long for a brighter, whiter smile. Fortunately, at Smiles on Broadway Dental Care, we offer effective teeth whitening to give you the results you desire. Our dentists can discuss the cost of teeth whitening during a consultation at our Long Island, NY, practice. The total expense for your treatment will depend on several different factors. However, office-provided treatments are an important investment because you can enjoy safer and more significant results.  

Estimating the Cost of Your Whitening Treatment

Before we begin whitening, we will schedule a complete consultation. At this time, our team will discuss the various factors that will go into the cost of your treatment. These can include:

  • Type of whitening: The most significant affect on the cost of whitening is the type you choose. At Smiles on Broadway, we offer in-office treatments and take-home options to maintain your results. The in-office procedures typically will cost more, but can provide the most significant effects in the smallest amount of time.
  • Number of treatments: Patients often choose to repeat whitening, or to combine in-office and take-home whitening procedures in order to achieve the most significant effects. The more procedures you undergo, the higher the cost will be.
  • Strength of ingredients: You can choose from a range of strengths for your whitening treatments. Solutions with a stronger whitening power can be more expensive.
  • Additional treatments: You can choose to combine whitening with other treatments in a smile makeover to enhance your overall smile. Added treatments will have their own costs, but can increase the value for your expense when combined.
  • Sedation: Whitening involves minimal discomfort, and most patients do not even require local anesthesia. However, if you suffer from dental phobia or extremely sensitive teeth, you may benefit from gentle sedation.

The Value of Professional Whitening

Professional teeth whitening does cost more than do-it-yourself kits that you can purchase at the drug store. At the same time, however, professional treatment is also safer and more effective. Frequently, store-bought whitening gel contains very low levels of peroxide that will yield minimal results. In other cases, these kits can contain dangerously high levels that will damage your dental enamel and gums. In contrast, dentist-prescribed whitening can safely lighten your smile by several shades. Your dentist will fully supervise the entire procedure, ensuring your procedure will involve negligible discomfort and will not cause lasting damage to your smile.

With dentist-approved, regular care, your brighter smile can last for years.  

In addition, we will provide a custom Zoom!® whitening kit so that you can perform regular touch-ups at home. With dentist-approved, regular care, your brighter smile can last for years.  

Financing Options

Our dentists believe that teeth whitening should be affordable, as well as effective. We provide reasonably-priced treatments, and we also offer several financing options to make your cosmetic goals a reality. For example, you may qualify for a discount if you pay for your procedure in full with one payment. We also accept CareCredit℠, a third-party lender that offers fixed-, low-, and no-interest repayment plans. When providing your treatment estimate, we can also explain your various payment options. Our office team will help you find a solution that works with your budget. 

Brighten Your Smile

We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve their cosmetic goals. For more information on the cost of teeth whitening and to schedule your treatment estimate, contact Smiles on Broadway today.