Spa Dentistry Long Island, Franklin Square, Garden City, Rockville Centre

Spa Dentistry Long IslandMost people dread going to the dentist. The very thought conjures up images of menacing syringes, antiseptic smells and the shrill whine of the drill. But, that has all changed at Smiles on Broadway Dental Care. From the moment you walk in our front door, you can tell that you are not in an ordinary dental office. To ease the anxieties of our guests, we have created a comfortable, soothing and peaceful atmosphere. In trying to avoid the sterile feel and smell of most dental offices, we have tried to create an ambiance more reminiscent of a fine resort or spa.

When you enter our dental “home” you will be greeted like a special guest. The reception room is accented with comfortable furnishings, soothing aromas and fresh flowers. There is a convenient refreshment center with fresh-brewed, flavored coffee, tea, or bottled water. This immediately tends to relax those guests anticipating a dental visit. Scented aromatherapy candles are located throughout our office. 

Before being welcomed for treatment our guests are offered a hand-softening, warm paraffin bath, which is as refreshing in the summer as it is comforting in the winter.

In the treatment areas, guests can choose to have a massaging back pad, snuggle with a soft fleece blanket and eliminate tension with a warm aromatherapy neck pillow. All treatment areas are equipped with Cable TV and a large selection of Videos ranging from recent movies to sports, music and comedy. Each room has it’s own stereo music system so that you can be serenaded from your favorite radio station or with a selection from our large diverse music CD collection. We know that one of the biggest problems in dentistry is fear. That is why we have created many comfortable distractions so that you are not as focused on the unpleasant aspects of dental care. 

For those patients who desire further relief from anxiety during treatment, we offer Nitrous Oxide (“sweet air”, “laughing gas”), at your request. 

Our concern for your comfort does not end with your treatment. At the conclusion of your visit with us you will be offered a warm, lemon-scented towel and a cool, refreshing bottle of our very own “Smile Water”. 

We know how common it is to develop questions or concerns following treatment. Whenever you receive any care in our office that may cause even the slightest bit of discomfort, you can be sure that Dr. Salem will call you at home that evening to make sure that you are comfortable or to answer any post-op questions.

The bottom line is that we not only want you to love your smile, but we want you to enjoy the process. Our entire caring dental “team” wants to make sure that you are absolutely as comfortable as possible at all times. We live in a hurried and stressful environment, but feel that there is no reason why dental care shouldn’t be a positive, welcoming experience. “Spa Dentistry” helps put you at ease. We feel that it is a nicer way to treat people and we know that if you are so comfortable in visiting our office, we have a greater opportunity to also welcome your friends and family.

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