TMJ Treatment Cost

At Smiles on Broadway Dental Care, we offer a range of treatments for TMJ Disorder, or TMD. After evaluating your needs, our dentists can design a unique plan to effectively alleviate your symptoms. TMJ treatment cost at our Malverne, NY, practice will depend on the extent of treatment.

In simple cases, our dentists may be able to address your condition with an oral appliance or restorative dentistry. However, if your case is particularly severe, you may require oral surgery. In all instances, we will help you secure maximum coverage from your insurance company for treatment.

Treatment Options Affect the Cost of TMJ Therapy

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There are several methods of treating TMD, and the right option for you will depend on the underlying cause of your condition, as well as its severity. Options range from minor intervention with a dental appliance to surgery in the most extreme cases. 

Our patients feel that their investment in TMJ treatment is absolutely worthwhile, as they experience relief from years of discomfort and frustrating symptoms.

These treatments have different costs, based on their complexity:

  • Oral appliances are one of the most common, lowest-priced treatments. These devices will fit over your teeth, repositioning your jaw and alleviating the pressure on jaw joints. Our mouthpieces are custom-made for a comfortable fit, and in most cases, they can relieve symptoms in just a few nights.
  • Restorative dentistry may be appropriate if your TMD is the result of missing or worn teeth. We can provide an array of restorations, including crowns, bridges, and dental implants. The cost of treatment will depend on the number of restorations you require, as well as their size and the restorative material you choose.
  • Orthodontia can straighten teeth so that bite force is evenly distributed along the dental arches. Typically, we will refer you to a specialist for this treatment. The cost of care will depend on your orthodontist, the type of braces you need, and treatment length.
  • Jaw surgery may be the best solution if you have severe TMD. However, we will typically refer you to a surgeon only as a last resort. Surgery typically costs more than the options listed above. The total price will depend on the complexity of your procedure, the type of sedation, and post-operative care. 

Is TMJ Treatment Worth the Cost?

Whatever treatment you ultimately receive, TMJ therapy is an investment in your health. Our TMJ treatments can relieve chronic pain, and help you to feel better than you have in years.

In addition, these treatments can improve your overall dental health. For example, by treating bruxism as we address TMJ, we can help to prevent dental erosion, cracked teeth, and other damage. Alternatively, restorative dentistry can improve both your oral function and your appearance. 

Financing TMJ Therapy

After providing your treatment estimate, we will explain your financing options. At Smiles on Broadway, we do not participate with any insurance plans. However, many companies will pay alternative benefits when you visit our practice.

If you do not have insurance, or if your company does not cover our care, we can help you find an alternative solution. For example, we accept CareCreditSM, a medical financing company that offers low monthly payment plans.

Contact Us for a Treatment Estimate

To learn more about the cost of TMJ therapy, contact Smiles on Broadway Dental Care. Our patients feel that their investment in TMJ treatment is absolutely worthwhile, as they experience relief from years of discomfort and frustrating symptoms. We are here to help you find relief from TMJ, so schedule your appointment today.