Dental Bridges Can Restore the Beauty and Function of Your Smile

If you are missing one or more teeth, the resulting gaps can compromise the appearance of your smile and negatively impact your oral health. Fortunately, dental bridges can offer you an effective and reliable solution. A dental bridge is a custom-made restoration that uses one or more artificial teeth to fill in gaps and help patients achieve beautiful smiles. Our doctors offer both traditional and implant-supported dental bridges to help patients in the Long Island, NY, area enhance oral function and aesthetic appeal after experiencing tooth loss. To learn more about the benefits of dental bridges, contact our office and schedule your consultation.

A Trusted and Effective Restorative Treatment

Dental bridges have helped millions of patients restore the look and function of their bites. During a consultation, one of our doctors will review your unique situation to determine which type of bridge is best for you. Bridges — both traditional and implant-supported — are intended for patients with up to three consecutive missing teeth in a row.

Traditional Bridges vs. Implant-supported Bridges

Dr. Salem offers patients the convenience of deciding between a traditional or implant-supported bridge. Each type offers its own unique benefits. Traditional bridges are supported by dental crowns placed over the teeth adjacent to each end of the restoration. This type of bridge is effective, minimally invasive, and available with very few restrictions. 

With implant-supported bridges, however, the restoration is affixed to a combination of abutments and dental implants, which are surgically embedded titanium posts. Implant-supported bridges require the patient to undergo additional procedures, but the end result is an unparalleled level of stability. In order to qualify for an implant-supported bridge, the patient must have adequate jaw strength to support dental implants. Those who do not qualify may be eligible for a bone graft procedure to first strengthen the jaw. 

Our skilled doctors and compassionate staff can evaluate your unique case and identify the most effective restorative treatment to achieve your goals.