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Patients who have neglected dental appointments and hygiene routines for many years come to Smiles on Broadway needing significant help. Patient Gail Yorkowitz explains that 20 years of poor dental care, Dr. Steven Katz came in on his day off to completely restore her oral health. The complicated procedure turned out wonderfully for Gail and she is incredibly grateful for dedication that was given to her treatment.

If one were to choose a single treatment that encapsulates the ability of dentistry to restore oral health while making smiles whole again, dental crowns would have to be near or at the top of the list. Dental crowns can be used to address a wide range of oral health and aesthetic problems simultaneously; they can lend strength to weakened teeth and be fitted to dental implants to replace missing teeth. And, in every case, they blend beautifully with surrounding natural teeth to create a full, uniform, healthy-looking smile.

At Smiles on Broadway, we take an extremely conservative, holistic approach to dental crowns. Our Long Island practice features an experienced dentist, Dr. Steven Katz, who has a commitment to the philosophy that preservation is foremost goal of dentistry. When it is possible to preserve natural tooth structures, we will always do so; as such, dental crowns are a fundamental part of our practice. They allow us to protect the healthy foundation of otherwise damaged teeth and, by extension, preserve underlying supporting tissues, including the gums and jaw bone.

And, of course, as with all restorations crafted by our practice, our affordable dental crowns are absolutely immaculate, made from only the finest, most aesthetically pleasing materials.

If you would like to learn more about dental crowns, we encourage you to contact our Long Island practice today. We welcome even those cases that other dental practices consider too difficult, as well as patients who have older crowns that they would like to replace with their modern counterparts.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns Long IslandIf you have ever heard someone refer to dental “caps,” chances are he or she was actually referring to dental crowns. Dental crowns are restorations that are custom-crafted to cover the entire surface area of a tooth. They are commonly used to reinforce teeth that are weakened and at risk of cracking, as well as teeth that have already begun to crack. They are also used to protect the healthy portion of teeth after root canal therapy or the removal of decayed material.

In replacing missing teeth, dental crowns can be used as part of a fixed bridge or attached directly to dental implants. In all cases, dental crowns are fabricated in a dental laboratory according to precise specifications provided by Dr. Katz, ensuring that they will fit comfortably in the mouth while complementing the size, shape, color, and texture of surrounding natural teeth.

At Smiles on Broadway, we will recommend the material that will provide you with the strongest, most attractive results possible. In many cases, metal remains a useful and safe component of a crown, particularly when treating the back teeth. Nevertheless, we always respect the wishes of our patients and gladly provide metal-free restorations for those who state such a preference.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

The primary benefit of dental crowns can be summarized in a single word: preservation. When used to cover a natural tooth, dental crowns allow you to keep as much of the healthy structure of that tooth as possible. This is always preferable to replacing a tooth altogether. By preserving the tooth’s natural root and as much of its structural integrity as possible, you help to prevent problems that can arise from tooth loss, including periodontal disease and degradation of the jaw bone.

In addition to their oral health benefits, dental crowns offer a multitude of cosmetic benefits. Like porcelain veneers, dental crowns can conceal a variety of aesthetic imperfections, including cracks, chips, mild to severe discoloration, and flaws in the shape of a tooth. Dental crowns are often key ingredients in smile makeover plans devised at our Long Island practice.

Candidates for Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are such a versatile treatment, with such a wide range of possible applications, that candidacy is rarely an issue. Our dentist will always do whatever they can to preserve a tooth, and if the remaining structure is sufficient to supporting a crown, then that patient will almost certainly be a good candidate for treatment.

Even those who are missing teeth may find that their treatment plan includes dental crowns, whether as part of a fixed bridge or as the visible element of a dental implant.

Dental crowns are often the ideal treatment for patients who suffer from extreme tooth sensitivity or damage too extensive to be treated with inlays, onlays, or other filling materials.

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