Repair Decayed Teeth with Tooth-colored Dental Fillings

Drs. Steven M. Katz, Sultan S. Salem, and Dilmarys J. Peña offer beautiful, tooth-colored dental fillings at their Long Island, NY-area dental practice. These fillings closely match the color of your teeth and restore the parts of a tooth damaged by decay. Made of composite resin, these fillings offer numerous advantages over traditional amalgam fillings. In addition to blending in with your tooth, composite resin strengthens the overall tooth structure. 

When You May Require a Filling

You may have a cavity that requires a filling if you are suffering from:

  • A sore or aching tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold food or drinks
  • Sharp pain when biting 

The sooner you make an appointment to have a cavity filled, the better. Ignoring decay can cause it to spread, requiring more extensive—and more expensive—treatments. However, cavities can form without any signs or symptoms at all, making biannual cleanings and exams essential. In most cases, our doctors can spot a cavity before you ever notice it.

The sooner you make an appointment to have a cavity filled, the better.

Getting a Tooth Filled

The filling process is relatively simple and painless. After administering a local anesthetic to maintain your comfort, your doctor will remove areas of decay from your tooth. Then, he or she will carefully mix the composite resin to a shade that closely matches the natural color of your tooth. Once the correct shade is ready, he or she will fill the open areas of the tooth with the material. To harden the material, the doctor will hold a UV light over the filling for about 30 seconds. He or she can then make adjustments to the filling so it does not adversely affect your bite. The entire filling process usually takes less than an hour.