Serving our Community


Dr. Katz relates his experiences in community involvement and giving back charitably. He talks about how he wants to set an example for his children in the hopes that they will get involved with the community as well. Dr. Katz explains why donating time to charity is so important to him.

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I think whenever you are a professional act that practices within a community, you need to give back to that community in some way. And so, being involved in the Malvern community and the surrounding communities has always been very, very important to me. To me, it’s an honor to do these charitable activities. But as a parent, one of the main reasons that I engage in some of these activities is because I think it gives a very good example to my 3 daughters. And I want them to develop the sense of pride, and community, and the willingness to give back to people. So, the fact that they’ve seen me, and those who work with me in my practice, provide this sort of charity, and this sort of goodwill, and these sort of acts of kindness, I think has made a positive impact on them as well. And, my hope is that they will do the same types of things as they grow into adults.