Dr. Steven Katz


Dr. Steven Katz talks about his reasoning for going into dentistry and what he loves about it. He discusses success stories that they have had with patients who suffer from dental phobias. The relationships that he has built with patients are what are most important to Dr. Katz.

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Dr. Steven Katz: I’ve been a dentist for 30 years, since I graduated dental school. I just came back from my 30th dental school reunion. I’ve been here practicing in Melbourne for 28 years.

I think dentistry as a profession gave me the opportunity to go into a field where I could make a difference in peoples’ lives by helping them look better, feel better, feel better about themselves. It was an opportunity to use my hands. I was always very creative. But it was also an opportunity to use my mind, and delve into the sciences, and the advanced things that were coming in medicine and dentistry.

I think the most amazing accomplishments we have are with fearful and phobic patients who come in. And we’ve done some very complex treatments with patients under sedation, and brought them to a point of health, a point of pride, a point of feeling good about themselves, of, in some cases, being able to go beyond and have further treatment done without sedation because they have our trust.

And for me it’s the relationships that you have with people because of these types of accomplishments and results that really make it worth my while and give me the utmost satisfaction.