Restorative Dentist


Patients who have neglected dental appointments and hygiene routines for many years come to Smiles on Broadway needing significant help. Patient Gail Yorkowitz explains that 20 years of poor dental care, Dr. Steven Katz came in on his day off to completely restore her oral health. The complicated procedure turned out wonderfully for Gail and she is incredibly grateful for dedication that was given to her treatment.

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Gail Yorkowitz: Over the last 20 years, I have developed ORs periodontal disease. I’ve been coming to Dr. Katz over those years. Unfortunately, you can’t save what I needed to be saved, so we had done a bridge to save some of the teeth and make it cosmetically look nice.

Dr. Katz came in, I believe, one Saturday morning, which was his day off, and he worked for about six or seven hours just to take the teeth out, clean it up, get the bridge in so I would not be without any teeth. Bleeding, very little bleeding, very little, problems with anything. But, it was a long haul, very complicated, and very successful. I’m very, very pleased with the results.

Dr. Katz: It is a welcome challenge when somebody comes to us where they say that they’ve gone to other dentists and they could not be treated for one reason or another. We take these challenges to heart and we look for ways to get it done, not to avoid, or shy away from the difficult cases.

Gail Yorkowitz: Yes, Dr. Katz assured me from the beginning that I would never be without a nice smile, that I would always have something in my mouth that would look fine and well and which happened. It happened exactly the way he said it was going to. I was never without a nice smile on my face.