Family Practice


Dr. Katz discusses how his practice can be flexible with their schedule because their patients can’t always be. He relates the importance of working with his patients to ensure the best possible outcomes. A patient gives a testimonial about her positive experience with Smiles On Broadway.

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Dr. Katz: Family practice in dentistry is being able to handle a patient from the time of their first visit when they’re two or three years old and being able to deal with the difficulties in treating children and to mold them into positive, enthusiastic dental patients and to be able to take that through their childhood, adolescents, and into adulthood. Then to be able to approach some of the challenges that come in treating adults, whether it be medical, medically compromised patients who are elderly, or time challenged individuals who have to work their dental appointments around a busy work schedule.

We’ve found that we have to be flexible with our schedule because some of our patients can’t be. Patients of ours who are working are having a harder time being able to take off from work and so we look for ways that we can accommodate them, whether it’s coming in at six in the morning, so they can have some treatment done before they get on the train, or staying late in the evening, or seeing them on Saturaday. We know that if they have opted to take advantage of these offerings, then they value our care and it makes our job so much more rewarding.

Gina Marie Rapp: I first came to Smiles on Broadway when my daughter was two years old. I was so happy to bring my daughter here. When we walked in everybody, was so warm and welcoming and so respectful and just so nice. I said, ‘This is a great place to bring my two year old if we needed to be at a dentist.’ I would recommend Smiles on Broadway, and I still do, to so many people. I recommended it to my aunt, my uncle, my husband, my daughter, friends of ours. Everybody loves Smiles on Broadway.