Pediatric Dentistry


Patient Joanne Matassa is grateful for the Smiles on Broadway pediatric dental office because her children were treated with great care. The doctors explain and walk through treatment with children before beginning, to ensure that they feel comfortable and safe.

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Joanne Matassa: What’s different about Smiles on Broadway is that they have managed to engage my children. They have introduced them to all of the dental equipment. When they were very, very young, they made them not afraid.

Gina Marie Rapp: My daughter just loved being here. She got a lot of attention from everybody. And I felt so comfortable as a parent, that when my daughter was sitting in the chair, the person that was taking care of her and the assistant, they never left her. They were always there, right next to here. She was so comfortable. She never had the opportunity to be upset or nervous. One of the first years that she was here, they had a Kids Day, so we came here and we brought a couple of Laura’s friends. They got to dress up in the dentist’s jacket, go sit in the chairs, play with the instruments and look in each other’s mouth. They made little mold prints out of the materials that they would be using in their mouth, and it was just so great. My daughter just wanted to be a dentist all these years and she still does. And I really attribute that to Dr. Katz.