Dental Implants


Dr. Steven Katz discusses his approach to dental implants and the use of advanced technology to ensure optimal results. Restorative dentistry should return function and aesthetics to patient’s smiles. Using digital impressions has allowed Smiles On Broadway to treat their patients with better precision when restoring dental implants.

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Dr. Steven Katz: Restorative dentistry is to correct situations, whether they have occurred from the disease process, or from trauma, or from wear, and be able to restore what damage there is to a point of being healthy, and looking the way it should, and functioning the way it should.

Implants are a technique to replace teeth that have been missing. Presently we will propose options of treatment for patients who are missing teeth. It can run the gamut from a removable denture, to crown and bridge work, or implants. Implants are certainly the most up-to-date and advanced techniques we do.

The success of implants has grown tremendously through the years. We have a lot of confidence in the implant work that we do. The patients who come here can have the case managed from start to finish without having to go elsewhere.

We recently became the first office in the Northeast to use imaging and digital impressioning to restore implants. And the advantage to that is there’s so much more precision in the CAD/CAM technology and the digital impressioning technique that the restorations fit better, function better. And it’s easier to achieve a superior result using those techniques.