Sedation Dentistry


One of the biggest focuses at Smiles on Broadway is helping patients who are fearful of going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry provides a completely calm and relaxed atmosphere and state of mind. One of the greatest advantages to having dental care under sedation is that most patients finish their appointment with little to no recollection of the process.

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Female patient: The sedation experience was great. We did two Saturdays and the staff explained everything to me beforehand. They explained everything to my family member, and it was just very . . . they took all the stress out of it for me. Really, they did all the work and I woke up and had a great smile.

Male patient: When I met with Dr. Katz, they looked at my mouth, saw what work needed to be done, explained to me what needed to be done, and told me with the condition I had, the best thing would be doing it on the sedation. We would do all the work in one day, and I would be relaxed and basically I wouldn’t even remember that work was done. We made those arraignments. I came in here still a little bit nervous, but feeling better. The work was performed in one day. I went home and it was like I never went to the dentist. I had no pain, and that one experience ended most of my fear of coming to the dentist.

Being able to come to a dentist office now without having fear and having good teeth in your mouth, it gives you a better sense of health. It makes you want to be healthier. It makes you want to eat better, take care of your teeth and take care of your overall health.

Female patient: I really love to talk about this experience, because it really was so easy and so positive for me.