Dental Technology


Dr. Steven Katz discusses the dental technology that they use at their Long Island dental practice. He briefly describes the Velscope oral cancer screening device and how it helps to keep patients safe. Denise Barnes, a dental assistant, speaks about the importance of digital x-rays and the lower amount of radiation when compared to traditional x-rays.

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Dr. Katz: I have always had the philosophy that as developments occur they’re here to make our level of care better. So whenever new technology has become available, we have invested in it. Some of the technology that we are particularly proud of in our office is the Velscope, which allows us to detect oral cancer at an earlier stage if it does exist.

We take pride in that we were one of the very first offices in the country to use the iTero Digital Impressioning System, which adds much more precision to the practice of making prothethes, whether it be crowns or bridges. We now use it with implant work. We’re one of very few offices in the country to have the ShadeVision X-Rite system for measuring the color of teeth, and being able to transmit that color to the lab so it can match perfectly.

Denise Barnes: The favorite technology that we have here at Smiles on Broadway, I would say, would be the digital x-rays. It’s so much less radiation for our patients. It’s safer for, not just us, but for them as well, and we’re able to take a look and diagnose a lot quicker than we were previously.

Dr. Katz: We have a laser in our office, and we use that when indicated for soft tissues procedures. And I think having this technology raises our level of trust and confidence in our patients, and that helps make the relationship that we have with them even greater. We respect them for the needs that they present with. They respect us for the level of care and the technology that we’re using to provide that care.